So, we went to Ikea yesterday and I wasn’t looking forward to it , unlike some who may relish a day at the weekend spent there , I do not . The trip didn’t change my mind either , not that I don’t like there products or anything , I just don’t like walking around the place , especially on a busy Saturday – it just feels claustrophobic to me , all the little housey boxes – and to top it all off someone had made a pretty mean comment to me earlier in the day and it was stuck in my head , circling around like a bat.

It was , however , a successful visit in that acquisitions were made and my helping hand was awarded with a lovely bright smile.

So . sorry , no fashion stuff today (although I did like the warehouse staff uniforms , like cargo pants with even more pockets for tools, high waisted with thick belts, very useful )  just a wee rant , and feel better for it too !