So , hi there , just a wee update on the fashion forecasting project that I’m doing at college just now . Last post I talked about the theme of the project , now I want to talk about Silhouette . From the trends that I’ve been looking at I saw a lead towards a certain look, a certain silhouette , but how to describe it ? As wrote about previously, I called my project / theme ,Gothic Charm . This partly  came from the silhouette being long, fitted and also slightly romantic.If you can imagine. Like a long corseted coat with a lace collar perhaps or a  black fitted velvet dress with an orange lace  sweetheart neckline detail .And of course a little edge.


So , I’m also thinking , for the sake of the project ,about the target market. I don’t imagine that  the market should be limited , in this case . I think it could be aimed at people between the ages of 25 and 50 as the more mature  person  could also embrace this  sophisticated look. Male or female . Although , there is also a market for children as an extension of the theme, though it would have to be watered down slightly as I can’t see children running about as though they’re in the Victorian age! The length of the silhouette would be shortened and some lighter colors would be used in this instance,  still with some little romantic touches added.