jessica durant

megaan hess

Tuesday . college day . Have been doing a little research into fashion illustrators and influencers. So I’m following two new illustrators on Instagram; Megan Hess ( who I knew through having a couple of her books with her lovely illustrations ) and also Jessica Durant as I love  her strong feminine  face illustrations. It made me realize that I do love girly things sometimes – and that’s okay – sometimes I feel I’ve been almost ashamed of this in a way but we can all have different sides to ourselves and I happen to like flowery sometimes !

Anyway , I digress , as for a couple of influencers , for now I’ve chosen Madelynn Furlong , who has an online blog ‘Wide Eyed Legless’. She’s from Minneapolis , and she has a minimalist approach with nature based posts, which is refreshing to me.Then there’s Sadie Sink an actress , mainly cos she was in  Stranger Things , which is amazing !! She’s also against animal testing ,which swung it for me .

I’m presently sitting in my new coat , tried it on 2 hours ago and its too snuggly to take off . I love autumn , which is definitely happening  now , leaves on the trees turning , nights getting colder and darker and lovely new snuggly coats too !

Okay, signing off , bye for now X