Hello there. haven’t written anything for a while so thought I’d check in .I’d like to tell you a little bit about my college work at the moment ; we have a few projects on the go just now – Range Planning , The role of the Buyer ,Fashion forecasting and writing a business plan.

For our range planning project we have to plan a range, from research to designing outfits and we’ve to plan this range as though its for Quiz Clothing. The designing involves looking at what’s current in Quiz , choosing a few outfits and applying our own theme (my theme is Gothic Charm).So basically editing a few items of clothing and re imagining them for Autumn/ winter 2019. So I’ve been doing a wee bit of hand drawing today but the final drawings have to be done on Adobe Illustrator .Once all of our range planning projects have been done we’ve to do a presentation and one person will be chosen for an internship with Quiz — what an amazing opportunity. Though I haven’t been thinking of this whilst I work as I’m just trying to enjoy it all.

For the Buyer module , its all about the role of the Buyer in Fashion, we’ve already looked at the role of the Merchandiser .The Fashion forecasting project is quite intense , we’ve to design a booklet based upon our theme , with research on different areas , such as; silhouette , style details , inspiration etc and then our final drawings .

The business plan involves writing a business plan as though for real , based upon our own idea (keeping it small ) . The idea I’m using for this is actually something that I would like to do for real so will see how it all goes.I will maybe talk more about this when I’m more certain !

Well , that’s a wee update on me for now . Talk again soon x