So , its Friday , have to stay in today as I’m awaiting a parcel ( another fashion book to add to the collection !) So just going to get all of my college work up to date . I do like some concentrated time in the house , just slouching around .

Been thinking a lot about my own  business ideas and what exactly I’m going to do . Have a good idea but more and more am thinking that I want whatever I do to consider and respect the environment – as I do believe it’s important .The Fashion industry , I read somewhere, is the second most destructive industry to the environment .So it’s very important that we think about it . No point in wearing beautiful clothes if there’s no future earth to walk upon. I think every aspect of a business model will have to be considered and reflected  . There are so many advances now that its possible to be both creative and less wasteful .

Some serious musings today then ……

Have to go now,things to do , nowhere to go – except a trip to the kettle !