So . as a follow on from last time , I’m still thinking …

The first thing that’s coming to mind is Primark.

Yesterday I signed  petition on Facebook – on Primark using the fabric viscose , and that this  particular viscose is particularly ‘un eco friendly ‘. I’ve been thinking on this and I feel that Primark always seem to be targeted as the deadliest chain store, and I don’t actually think its completely fair .I know that cheap , fast fashion is not having the best effect on the environment, though I also feel that Primark seem to be heralded as the worst offender when I don’t think they’re the only ones.I think that most high street stores are guilty of these kind of crimes and infact even  high end designers are guilty too. I once heard a well known high end designer mentioning  , in a documentary ,  that his   materials were being sent to India, for the next stage in being  made into clothes.

I think that the high end designers are so busy pointing their fingers at the cheap high street stores to detract attention from the fact that they are responsible also , a bit like the fat cats pointing at the poor and oppressed saying they are benefit cheats and scroungers whereas the fat cats are the ones who skim the cream from the milk and the poor are left to drink the dregs .

So next time somebody slates Primark for its ethics and destruction to the environment , think a little more about it . Where does the latest Versace clothing line come from , where is it made etc etc. It is the whole Fashion empire that needs to be looked at and not just the little minions at the bottom of the pile.