The concept of theme I’ve chosen for my Project is Gothic Charm .To come to this theme I firstly did some research by studying Fashion Week (across the board) and looked into street style and some of the runway shows also . I noticed that some of the trends seemed to be more fitted than they have been for quite a while, as a pose to the oversize look that’s been around for some years. I also noticed a lot of black in some of the runway shows , with little romantic details – particularly in Chanel’s runway shows- therefore I decided to name the theme ‘ Gothic Charm ‘.

There seems to be certain influences around , such as a historical point in time – which I feel is not completely clear to me yet , though , as I mentioned there seem to be some softer romantic touches around and perhaps some more fitted styles such as corseted styled jackets etc. I plan on taking this theme further by trying to find the relevant historical era and choose some influences to see how they fit the modern trends.Then develop this further as an idea for Autumn and Winter 2019.