So , it’s been so long since I last posted and now the business that I aspired to create is here ! There have been a few setbacks but I’ve managed to overcome these and plod on regardless and of course there’s been lockdown , that seems to be going on forever . I understand that it’s necessary and that things ,in general , have changed and not everything is negative – in fact I am enjoying being at home and having the time / energy to be as creative as I want but there are times when I wonder where we’re all heading !
We just need to do what feels right for ourselves as much as we can and look after ourselves ,our families and friends as much as we’re able .
We will all get there together , I’m certain . Sometimes we have to go through the tunnel in order to see the light and we will see the light because there’s no way of going back now .

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Sunday sunshine

It’s Sunday and the sun is shining.I feel like I want to write but I don’t know what yet so bear with me! My eye just fell upon a book that I acquired recently – in a second hand shop , on Byres road.It’s called vintage handbags and it’s gorgeous , so much inspiration . I’ve been thinking about bags recently , just made my friend a clutch bag (my first ) for her fiftieth birthday . It’s made from a deep wine coloured faux leather material with a gorgeous animal printed -all different colours – satiny lining .It’s very simple , I’m going to Mandors’ fabric shop today to look for some little jewels to finish the bag off ( and to look for some material for a robe that I want to make my mum also ). Hopefully it will be the first of many little bags as I want to make more , seeing the fabrics that you’ve chosen come together in such a way is a good , satisfactory feeling ! The possibilities are endless . Also , my sewing machine worked really well too ,I thought it had given up the ghost but I think it just needed a needle change .

So here’s to making things in a culture of fast fashion,

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I know that I said I would write about fashion this time but I’ve been distracted , and it is about an aspect of fashion. So , I will start by saying that I am 48 years of age and a mature student on Fashion Business course surrounded by mostly teenagers and twenty somethings ( not a bad thing , am just setting the scene ). I’ve been looking for a part -time job in Fashion retail now for around a year and half.The year before this I was offered a few different jobs and ended up working in Primark part time – for Christmas ( encountered no ageism here , we were all treated equally ) Now though ,I have applied for dozens and dozens of fashion retail jobs , had 2 or 3 interviews but nothing has been forthcoming. One of these was a 3 hour group interview, where , firstly , 2 of the male staff sniggered when I walked in . I was told, after the interview , they would contact everyone regarding the outcome but I never heard from them ( not saying this is ageism just perfectly rude !!!).

I do believe that the lack of response from all my applications has been partly due to my age . Lets just say that it’s a feeling I have .

Back to my course , I’ve been studying fashion now , for five years , in the last three years I didn’t encounter any form of ageism , infact – I’ve made 2 or 3 good friends , regardless of their age. With my present course , its mostly fine too , though there’s one girl who practically rolls her eyes whenever she sees me and almost turns away each time I talk to her.Again . it’s just a feeling that I have.

I understand that a large part of Fashion is aimed at a younger market but you don’t stop wearing clothes once you reach a certain age ! I regularly see a lot of more mature people in clothes shops , so why is it I feel like we are largely ignored ? Nowadays it’s more known for people to change careers a couple , or even a few , times .So , the more mature variety should be common place. I think it’s beginning to change and I , for one, will not be running way or hiding as I become older. I have a voice, an opinion , plentiful creative ideas,and I love fashion more now than I did when I was 21. Expect to hear more from me .

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Happy New Year

Hello there. haven’t written anything for a while so thought I’d check in .I’d like to tell you a little bit about my college work at the moment ; we have a few projects on the go just now – Range Planning , The role of the Buyer ,Fashion forecasting and writing a business plan.

For our range planning project we have to plan a range, from research to designing outfits and we’ve to plan this range as though its for Quiz Clothing. The designing involves looking at what’s current in Quiz , choosing a few outfits and applying our own theme (my theme is Gothic Charm).So basically editing a few items of clothing and re imagining them for Autumn/ winter 2019. So I’ve been doing a wee bit of hand drawing today but the final drawings have to be done on Adobe Illustrator .Once all of our range planning projects have been done we’ve to do a presentation and one person will be chosen for an internship with Quiz — what an amazing opportunity. Though I haven’t been thinking of this whilst I work as I’m just trying to enjoy it all.

For the Buyer module , its all about the role of the Buyer in Fashion, we’ve already looked at the role of the Merchandiser .The Fashion forecasting project is quite intense , we’ve to design a booklet based upon our theme , with research on different areas , such as; silhouette , style details , inspiration etc and then our final drawings .

The business plan involves writing a business plan as though for real , based upon our own idea (keeping it small ) . The idea I’m using for this is actually something that I would like to do for real so will see how it all goes.I will maybe talk more about this when I’m more certain !

Well , that’s a wee update on me for now . Talk again soon x

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Saturday after Christmas

So , Christmas wasn’t so great this year , if I’m honest.There’s so much pressure to have a ‘ wonderful time ‘ when real life isn’t always like that.

Anyway … was out shopping in the sales yesterday ( although the sales have been going on since before Christmas) . I was walking down Buchanan street with friends and there was just a great mass of people in front of us , far more people than just prior to Christmas it seemed .Peoples shopping habits are changing .Partly because of the internet but are people getting wise to it now , as well ? Only shopping when we need to instead of buying into the whole incredibly fast fashion market . Walking around the shops there were mountains of clothes left untouched , what happens to these clothes after the sales are over and there’s still masses left ?

It does seem to be the death of the high street at the moment , shops closing left , right and centre , the latest being HMV — going into administration. I can’t imagine what it would be like with no shops atall , don’t think it will come to this but what will it come to ? Hmm.

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Fast fashion

So . as a follow on from last time , I’m still thinking …

The first thing that’s coming to mind is Primark.

Yesterday I signed  petition on Facebook – on Primark using the fabric viscose , and that this  particular viscose is particularly ‘un eco friendly ‘. I’ve been thinking on this and I feel that Primark always seem to be targeted as the deadliest chain store, and I don’t actually think its completely fair .I know that cheap , fast fashion is not having the best effect on the environment, though I also feel that Primark seem to be heralded as the worst offender when I don’t think they’re the only ones.I think that most high street stores are guilty of these kind of crimes and infact even  high end designers are guilty too. I once heard a well known high end designer mentioning  , in a documentary ,  that his   materials were being sent to India, for the next stage in being  made into clothes.

I think that the high end designers are so busy pointing their fingers at the cheap high street stores to detract attention from the fact that they are responsible also , a bit like the fat cats pointing at the poor and oppressed saying they are benefit cheats and scroungers whereas the fat cats are the ones who skim the cream from the milk and the poor are left to drink the dregs .

So next time somebody slates Primark for its ethics and destruction to the environment , think a little more about it . Where does the latest Versace clothing line come from , where is it made etc etc. It is the whole Fashion empire that needs to be looked at and not just the little minions at the bottom of the pile.

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So , I’ve not written anything for a wee while now , thought I’d do a  quick update .

I’ve been in a  dilemma , fashion wise .I’ve been thinking a lot about the ethics of Fashion and the impact on the environment . I feel that it is important that we consider these things but I feel like I get a bit stuck when I start thinking about it all . I love clothes and fashion and want to do something – design wise – in this field, but when I think about these things I start to feel restricted .I would like to do something with a touch of glamour but wonder if its possible to be ethical as well .

I’ve been reading a book , won’t tell you the title as its a lovely book, but its sparking off a reaction in me. It talks about fashion in this day and age and about finding things that you want to buy and all the many places online to look  and about all the apps you can get to find these things in an instant etc etc. Yet this fast fashion lifestyle is so destructive , not just to the planet that we live on but also to our own minds, Can’t we just slow down a minute instead of constantly giving into our own desires , do we really have to buy everything that we like or get the latest trend . Why do we always have to try and clone ourselves in this way . Isn’t it better to slow down and appreciate things a little more . Is fashion not moving so fast now that its in danger of consuming itself  altogether . I think that people attempting to be creative and earn a living feel  that they have to compete in this arena to get anywhere . Though what if we all just slowed down and gave ourselves a chance to breathe .

Ok , enough said , you get the picture . It doesn’t mean that I’m going to give up on my ideas and inspirations, just that I’m definitely going to be considerate as I try to do my thing .If it means earning a few less bucks as I do so then so be it .



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So , hi there , just a wee update on the fashion forecasting project that I’m doing at college just now . Last post I talked about the theme of the project , now I want to talk about Silhouette . From the trends that I’ve been looking at I saw a lead towards a certain look, a certain silhouette , but how to describe it ? As wrote about previously, I called my project / theme ,Gothic Charm . This partly  came from the silhouette being long, fitted and also slightly romantic.If you can imagine. Like a long corseted coat with a lace collar perhaps or a  black fitted velvet dress with an orange lace  sweetheart neckline detail .And of course a little edge.


So , I’m also thinking , for the sake of the project ,about the target market. I don’t imagine that  the market should be limited , in this case . I think it could be aimed at people between the ages of 25 and 50 as the more mature  person  could also embrace this  sophisticated look. Male or female . Although , there is also a market for children as an extension of the theme, though it would have to be watered down slightly as I can’t see children running about as though they’re in the Victorian age! The length of the silhouette would be shortened and some lighter colors would be used in this instance,  still with some little romantic touches added.

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Fashion Forecasting

The concept of theme I’ve chosen for my Project is Gothic Charm .To come to this theme I firstly did some research by studying Fashion Week (across the board) and looked into street style and some of the runway shows also . I noticed that some of the trends seemed to be more fitted than they have been for quite a while, as a pose to the oversize look that’s been around for some years. I also noticed a lot of black in some of the runway shows , with little romantic details – particularly in Chanel’s runway shows- therefore I decided to name the theme ‘ Gothic Charm ‘.

There seems to be certain influences around , such as a historical point in time – which I feel is not completely clear to me yet , though , as I mentioned there seem to be some softer romantic touches around and perhaps some more fitted styles such as corseted styled jackets etc. I plan on taking this theme further by trying to find the relevant historical era and choose some influences to see how they fit the modern trends.Then develop this further as an idea for Autumn and Winter 2019.

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Fridays musings

So , its Friday , have to stay in today as I’m awaiting a parcel ( another fashion book to add to the collection !) So just going to get all of my college work up to date . I do like some concentrated time in the house , just slouching around .

Been thinking a lot about my own  business ideas and what exactly I’m going to do . Have a good idea but more and more am thinking that I want whatever I do to consider and respect the environment – as I do believe it’s important .The Fashion industry , I read somewhere, is the second most destructive industry to the environment .So it’s very important that we think about it . No point in wearing beautiful clothes if there’s no future earth to walk upon. I think every aspect of a business model will have to be considered and reflected  . There are so many advances now that its possible to be both creative and less wasteful .

Some serious musings today then ……

Have to go now,things to do , nowhere to go – except a trip to the kettle !


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This morning I tried to get the sewing machine running , having  promised to make mum a wee  bag for her tarot cards, but the needle kept  unthreading , constantly , like 100 times until I had to give up . Anyway tried it again ,one final time after lunch ,using a different stitch ,and lo and behold thumbnailit worked ! I now have a birthday tarot card bag ,  – I love it ! Hope she does .

No fashion today , although going to be practising my illustrating skills at the weekend, hopefully will have something more to show then .Until then….



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The land of Ikea

So, we went to Ikea yesterday and I wasn’t looking forward to it , unlike some who may relish a day at the weekend spent there , I do not . The trip didn’t change my mind either , not that I don’t like there products or anything , I just don’t like walking around the place , especially on a busy Saturday – it just feels claustrophobic to me , all the little housey boxes – and to top it all off someone had made a pretty mean comment to me earlier in the day and it was stuck in my head , circling around like a bat.

It was , however , a successful visit in that acquisitions were made and my helping hand was awarded with a lovely bright smile.

So . sorry , no fashion stuff today (although I did like the warehouse staff uniforms , like cargo pants with even more pockets for tools, high waisted with thick belts, very useful )  just a wee rant , and feel better for it too !

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New Coats and Autumn Leaves

jessica durant

megaan hess

Tuesday . college day . Have been doing a little research into fashion illustrators and influencers. So I’m following two new illustrators on Instagram; Megan Hess ( who I knew through having a couple of her books with her lovely illustrations ) and also Jessica Durant as I love  her strong feminine  face illustrations. It made me realize that I do love girly things sometimes – and that’s okay – sometimes I feel I’ve been almost ashamed of this in a way but we can all have different sides to ourselves and I happen to like flowery sometimes !

Anyway , I digress , as for a couple of influencers , for now I’ve chosen Madelynn Furlong , who has an online blog ‘Wide Eyed Legless’. She’s from Minneapolis , and she has a minimalist approach with nature based posts, which is refreshing to me.Then there’s Sadie Sink an actress , mainly cos she was in  Stranger Things , which is amazing !! She’s also against animal testing ,which swung it for me .

I’m presently sitting in my new coat , tried it on 2 hours ago and its too snuggly to take off . I love autumn , which is definitely happening  now , leaves on the trees turning , nights getting colder and darker and lovely new snuggly coats too !

Okay, signing off , bye for now X

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Day off today and my first saas payment , so off shopping with mum , bought new boots and a printer – for my college work (sold by a very pushy sales woman in Rymans who was obviously intent on getting her commission).Took my camera for  any presenting photo opportunities for our research task, but actually forgot all about it – will need to go out with the sole intention  of just taking photos .Home , to relax with David for a while.  Happy days x

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Just started college, second day in  and so far so good. Marketing , fashion forecasting … and now this . Didn’t expect to have to blog about it all but keeping an open mind , am in it for the long haul !  I’m the oldest here, but who cares , fashions for anyone or so I keep telling myself anyway. Am interested to see where it all takes me , it’s  another  adventure .

Bon Voyage x

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