I know that I said I would write about fashion this time but I’ve been distracted , and it is about an aspect of fashion. So , I will start by saying that I am 48 years of age and a mature student on Fashion Business course surrounded by mostly teenagers and twenty somethings ( not a bad thing , am just setting the scene ). I’ve been looking for a part -time job in Fashion retail now for around a year and half.The year before this I was offered a few different jobs and ended up working in Primark part time – for Christmas ( encountered no ageism here , we were all treated equally ) Now though ,I have applied for dozens and dozens of fashion retail jobs , had 2 or 3 interviews but nothing has been forthcoming. One of these was a 3 hour group interview, where , firstly , 2 of the male staff sniggered when I walked in . I was told, after the interview , they would contact everyone regarding the outcome but I never heard from them ( not saying this is ageism just perfectly rude !!!).

I do believe that the lack of response from all my applications has been partly due to my age . Lets just say that it’s a feeling I have .

Back to my course , I’ve been studying fashion now , for five years , in the last three years I didn’t encounter any form of ageism , infact – I’ve made 2 or 3 good friends , regardless of their age. With my present course , its mostly fine too , though there’s one girl who practically rolls her eyes whenever she sees me and almost turns away each time I talk to her.Again . it’s just a feeling that I have.

I understand that a large part of Fashion is aimed at a younger market but you don’t stop wearing clothes once you reach a certain age ! I regularly see a lot of more mature people in clothes shops , so why is it I feel like we are largely ignored ? Nowadays it’s more known for people to change careers a couple , or even a few , times .So , the more mature variety should be common place. I think it’s beginning to change and I , for one, will not be running way or hiding as I become older. I have a voice, an opinion , plentiful creative ideas,and I love fashion more now than I did when I was 21. Expect to hear more from me .